What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

“If I received a penny for every time I saw ‘Carpe Diem’ used in the name for a consulting company or web site -I’d be rich.”

Why did I choose the name “Carpe Diem” for my first online business back in 1997? More importantly, why did I still choose to use this as the name of this new Digital Education business? I do agree that the name has been overly used and often misused. I have no idea and cannot explain why others chose the name but I can explain why I did and still find it relevant. I hope you will agree.

First, Carpe Diem means to seize the day. More precisely, it means to live today as if tomorrow does not matter. To live today to the fullest as tomorrow may never come. It is living with a focus on the now.
Keeping with that definition, I believe that anyone or anything using that name should have to do with better use of time, saving time or living life to the fullest.

My earlier business venture was a Time Management, Productivity Consulting company. We helped businesses, organizations and executives make better use of their time. We provided training, information services and technical support that facilitated cranking widgets* (productivity) instead of busyness. Over the years, we started providing online courses to replace our own live seminars to make better use of everyone’s time.

At the end of 2009, after a period of teaching a difficult 5 day insurance licensing course in a classroom environment, I realized that how we delivered this course was wrong! We had too much information, most of it around new legal and insurance terms and concepts for the learners, all this content delivered in 4.5 days. I saw my students reach information overload by the end of day 3. As expected under these circumstances, most failed the licensing exam that was scheduled for the following Monday morning. By the way, that failure rate was common across the province, I blamed it on the delivery methodology. Too much new information in too little time.

Anyway, I decided to experiment and publish the course online and offer it as an option to my students. This way, they could learn or refresh the material on their own time and when it better suited their individual learning style/preference. I also recommended that they did not rush through the material, but rather did only a couple of hours of learning at a time. The exam success rate skyrocketed!

Based on that success, we published more insurance courses online. The rest is a successful story that continues on at netLEARNnow.com

Back to the question on why I chose Carpe Diem as my business name.

I believe, based on my years of successfully publishing online courses, that online education is one of the best way to learn. It allows the learner to spread the learning over time without the limitations of having to attend classes on a fixed schedule.

I also believe, that it offers a way to introduce learning into one’s life with the least amount of disruption on your schedule and other planned activities. Online courses save time on travel by allowing the learner to access the courses from home or anywhere they want to. Online learning saves money.

Finally, I believe that publishing online courses, allow me and other authors to maximize our impact in the world by reaching our target audience more effectively. It allows us to cross international borders and distance otherwise very difficult or expensive. It allows us to keep our courses affordable for everyone who wants it.

So, I am proud to use the name Carpe Diem, being confident that I abide by the letter and the intent of the meaning. My goals is to save learners time, and to help authors, educators and anyone else who dreams of publishing online courses.

Carpe Diem, seize the day!

*Note: Cranking Widgets is a productivity term I borrowed from David Allen, author of Getting Things Done.


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