About us

Where we have been:

Starting in 1994, as Gauthier Services (1983), I expanded my Property Management and Business Consulting Services to provide Information Technology & Networking Services to Small Businesses located primarily in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

In 1997, under Carpe Diem Global Solutions (carpediemwebs.com), I expanded our offering to include Web Design and Hosting Services to many small and medium organizations across North America.

All along this period, I (Alain) continued offering training, career and productivity coaching to individuals and organization in seminars and one-to-one coaching opportunities. Teaching and helping others discover who they were meant to be and achieve their goals has always been a passion of mine. So, it was a natural evolutionary step when, in 2009, I started offering online courses.

My first online course was the Adult Learning Toolbox, which is still currently available on our YouTube channel. Then, I published a series of General Insurance Exam Preparation Courses for Albertans wanting to start a career in the Insurance Industry (netLEARNnow will continue to host our Insurance Industry Courses).

Where we are going:

Our own success proved that we know what we are doing and over the last few years, we received many request from professionals and amateur alike wanting to share their own passion/knowledge/experience online via online video courses.  We do offer to develop and publish third party online courses. Unfortunately, our fees may be beyond your budget, and our current busy schedule may not work for your needs either.

So, I/we decided to rebuild this site to offer a discussion platform that, I hope, will help you publish your own course online or at least provide information to help you understand why online learning is a viable option today.

As part of this effort, we are publishing an online course on “How to Publish your Online Course” -that should be available shortly, and I will post articles on this site to supplement that learning. We will also discuss ideas brought forward in our conversations with other online professionals and our shared experience pool.

I will continue to build and offer various short courses and offer them on this site -all in the hope to help you and others publish your own passion online. I’ll also post articles on running an online digital education business and conduct interviews with other professionals in the field.

Hoping to hear from you via comments on my posts or email,

Alain Gauthier, RPT

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